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This site is mainly intended as a reference for people who have followed the basic workshops: one can look up the general course of many biological programs here (see below at the section "How to use this website").

So this site only provides information, its practical usefulness is limited and no practical guidelines are given.

Please read the disclaimer before proceeding.

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This site contains the details of the biological programs according to Dr. Hamer and belongs to my website "Living in Confidence." On that site I elaborate on the spiritual implications of both the biological laws of nature and the cosmic laws of creation, and you will find more information about my activities and an extensive schedule of live and online workshops.

The 5 biological laws of nature, formulated by Dr. R.G. Hamer, describe how the urge to live and to survive expresses itself in meaningful biological special programs of the body. Everything strives for survival: "Everything is prey to life, nothing is prey to death" (Antoine Bechamp, 1870).  These biological laws of nature determine behavior, character, reactions, diseases and thus health. In fact, they determine the physical and mental condition of an individual. Although they are ubiquitous and continuously work in the body, we are not familiar with them. Through this website, I would like to contribute to the disclosure of this knowledge.

Once you are ready to take full responsibility for your own health, this knowledge is indispensable. Moreover, it is hopeful, life-changing and enormously fascinating. It's exactly as someone once told me, "Once you go down this road, you can't go back." And you don't want to go back either.

According to these 5 biological laws of nature, diseases are part of a meaningful and necessary biological special program. Dr. Hamer has figured out for all tissues and organs in the body how these biological programs work and why.  He has disclosed this knowledge over the past 30 years under a number of different names. First he called it "New Medicine," then it became "Germanic  New Medicine," then "Germanic Medicine" and finally he called it "Germanic Healing". Dr. Hamer himself, of course, is very capable of basing his treatments on the biological laws of nature, and so he is actually practicing "medicine" or "healing". But I and most of us are not doctors and we have to find another way to deal with it.

So on this website I want to talk mainly about the biological laws of nature. This covers the load and has no color, it is neutral. From whatever belief you look at the biological laws, whether you are aware of them or not, whether you acknowledge them or not, whether you believe in them or not, whether you want to see them or not; they are as they are, for every organism and for every individual.

From a higher perspective, they are part of the natural laws to which everything in the universe conforms, see e.g. Christ Returns. It is up to us humans to become aware of the functioning of those universal laws, and the body is a wonderful instrument for that.

Basic medical knowledge

The biological laws of nature are essentially a totally different basic medical knowledge: they tell how the natural drive for survival takes shape in all organisms. They should be the starting point for approaching and counseling the (sick) human being, regardless of the therapy or method used. This knowledge explains how diseases arise and how healing takes place, and if there is a combination of intense programs going on, it also becomes (painfully) clear why one sometimes does not survive.

However, while the laws in themselves do not cure, knowing and understanding them do have tremendous therapeutic value. Its great power is preventive:

  • Through this knowledge, impacts resulting from "old" perceptions can be avoided. You are better able to interpret and causally place your symptoms. So you know what your body is doing, the symptoms and/or diagnoses no longer cause anxiety or panic, and consequently, subsequent conflicts with associated new programs can be avoided. You can truly accept and embrace the symptoms, not to "get rid" of them, but to marvel at the way your body reveals your unconscious perceptions and beliefs. It is immensely fascinating to observe and get to know yourself better in this way.
  • You stay much calmer when something is found during a checkup. Usually you immediately know  with what it is connected, and if not, you can figure it out fairly quickly. Then you know what program is running, what the conflict theme is, what phase you are in and what you can possibly still expect. You know the implications and how to deal with them. Again, this prevents the necessary subsequent conflicts.


So study the biological laws while you are still healthy!


But if you become (seriously) ill without having heard of the biological laws of nature beforehand, even then they have great value. Actually, we cannot fully heal without this knowledge. To "live" in practice according to the biological laws means that one understands the natural functioning of the body and can fully rely on it, no matter how one feels
It also means realizing that intervening in any way, in many cases slows the healing rather than accelerating it. It means realizing that it is better to surrender to the disease process and live through it rather than fight it.

And precisely therein lies the problem: we have learned that pain, fatigue, infections, fever, a growth, are signs that something is "not right," that we need to see a doctor or a therapist, that intervention is needed, that we need treatment. The most difficult part of the biological laws is precisely this surrender to the disease process. It is diametrically opposed to everything we have learned and become convinced of throughout our lives.

So any therapist who thinks and acts on the basis of biological laws should concentrate on removing the fear of disease and developing complete trust in the body and its natural programs. Supportive measures are always welcome, but will often prove inadequate in the case of intense programs if this confidence, this surrender, is not there. In practice, it is therefore necessary to create a safe environment in which the person can and may "be sick" with peace of mind. The person must feel completely accepted and cared for, he must receive the help and understanding he needs day and night without feeling somehow burdened or guilty. A hospital would be the ideal place for this, but because the doctors and nursing staff have no knowledge of the biological laws of nature and regularly tell the person how "wrong" and "life-threatening" his or her situation is, many subsequent conflicts arise precisely there. This is a stalemate, to which the only proper response is: 

Study the biological laws while you are still healthy!


Purpose of this site

This website strives to better understand the effect that emotions and traumatic experiences have on the body in general and one's own functioning in particular. The symptoms tell what themes a person is or has been struggling with.

This website is intended only for the purpose of study, recognition, wonder and awareness. It is not intended to counsel or treat people based on this site. This requires much more knowledge and experience.

On this website, I describe the programs from Dr. Hamer's scientific table in a concise and simple manner so that they are readable and understandable even to the non-medically trained people.

This site is primarily intended as a reference for people who have attended my workshops or obtained their knowledge through other channels. In some cases, reference is made to a workshop because the elaboration of the topic in question exceeds the context of this site.

Although this site contains a great deal of information, it is only an overview! Not all programs that are possible in the body are discussed and details of those that are discussed will be missing. Combinations of programs influence and reinforce each other. This can sometimes make recognition of individual programs difficult.

If you are new to the biological laws of nature, this website may still be complicated. As a first introduction, it is better to visit the website "Living in Confidence". There are many  testimonials that speak for themselves (Please google-translate it if it is still in Dutch. I am working on the translation).

I wish you a lot of fun reading and studying!

How to use this site

The complaints and symptoms are always the starting point. If someone has been diagnosed, first look up on the Internet what complaints and symptoms are associated with that diagnosis and which tissues and/or organs are related to it. Then verify which complaints actually affect the person in question.

Look up the relevant tissues, organs, complaints, symptoms and/or diagnoses in the keyword index. See what programs may run, click on them in sequence and study the different programs to which the complaints and symptoms may belong. Wherever you are on the site, in the main menu you can see to which germ layer the program belongs, and in the subdivision you can see the tissue or organ involved. Decide which program(s) fits best in this case. There are often multiple programs involved, so keep that in mind. 

In the CA phase, nothing is (usually) noticeable yet and one feels fine. Only in the healing phase symptoms (illnesses) manifest themselves. So in the CA you don't know what someone has built up or is still building up and what may follow when one goes into healing.

If there were no symptoms and a diagnosis emerged during a checkup, there may be several possibilities and further explanation is desirable. If you would like to know more about this, please follow one of my activities or contact me.

Once it is clear what themes are or were at play, then look for the story: when did the symptoms start? Something was resolved then (after all, the healing phase began!), so what insight was gained, what happened, changed, became clear?
This method is discussed in detail in the workshop "Trust Your Body".

Understanding the origin of symptoms works wonders. I have heard so many times and noticed in myself that complaints disappear almost immediately or within a very short time thereafter once that awareness is there. So I believe awareness is an essential function of complaints and symptoms, see also the piece on self-help, life's wisdoms and the creation process (please google-translate it if it is still in Dutch. I am working on the translation).

The healing phase does not take years, so if there are prolonged complaints or they keep returning, then the resolution is not complete: there are still traces and there is a hanging healing. Then there will have to be an effort to become more aware of the issue of theme, which may result in a change of thinking and/or lifestyle.

It can happen, however, that a cascade of resolutions follows once one goes into healing: one subsequent conflict after another goes into healing. This can cause several illnesses and a pretty long healing process. The more peace and confidence there is, the better one can live through this.

The general bio-logical program

In the figure below the schematic representation of the programs according to the biological laws of nature. Most physical problems belong to the last phase, the healing phase. Because we as humankind have strayed from nature and created a society in which the CA or survival phase is unnaturally long, our healing can also be more intense and prolonged.

All programs run simultatiously on 3 levels: psyche, brain and organ

Symptoms in the CA phase (conflict active phase, stress phase):

  • Psyche: compulsive thinking, you can't think about anything else and can't stop it, insomnia
  • Brain: concentric rings, visible on CT scan
  • Organ: a meaningful cell increase, cell decrease or functional change with possibly:
    Cold hands, cold feet, cold skin
    Sometimes chills and cold sweats
    No appetite and weight loss
    Increase in stress hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine
    Increased heart rate and blood pressure

Symptoms in the healing phase or PCL phase A: rebuilding of cells, or restoration of function. 

  • Psyche: sigh of relief, forgiving, forgetting, the situation is no longer an issue or you are at peace with it
  • Brain: dark spots on CT scan; healing fluid in brain
  • Organ:
    Fatigue and pain (dolor)
    Warm hands, warm feet, warm skin (calor)
    Redness (rubor)
    Inflammations, infections, fever
    Appetite returns and weight gain
    Decreasing heart rate and blood pressure

Each program has its own unique epileptic/epileptoïd crisis (EC)

  • Psyche: revival of the conflict, including emotions of fear or anger, dreams, nightmares, sleepwalking
  • Brain: formation of glia tissue (scar tissue of the brain). The dark spots "dry up" from the outside in, seen on the CT scan as dark spots with a light border around them
  • Organ: a brief, sometimes frightening attack of (severe) symptoms, e.g., (whooping) cough, sneezing, seizure, heart attack, cramps, convulsions
    Expulsion of healing fluid, onset of urinary phase
    Cold hands, cold feet, cold skin
    Sudden coughing up of blood or blood in stool or urine, nosebleed
    Chills, cold sweats

Examples of mild EC: hiccups, twitching eyelid, sneezing, coughing, dizziness, vomiting.

In the PCL phase B, the body is returned to normal 

This can take a long time, sometimes months to six months.

Connective or scar tissue may form, which may feel like a lump. When no or not enough TB bacteria are present, (the remainder of) the tumor is encapsulated and separated from the metabolism. This is a final stage and the encapsulated tumor remains.  
Because the healing fluid of PCL stage A is mineral-rich, calcium spots may remain in the tissue.

According to Dr. Hamer, 40% of cancer diagnoses fall into the latter category: the program is completed but panic is created by the remnants of these old programs.

For more information see the biological laws of nature on my other site.

A summary of the five biological laws can be found here.


Although the biological laws of nature tell you that you can trust the body, that the body does not make mistakes and that nature does everything in its power to ensure survival, it is not true that all programs are always survived once you understand this principle.
Our society is based on fear. This can cause a combination of many intense and prolonged conflicts that do not occur in nature: the animal would have died long ago from the situation. When these programs resolve suddenly and more or less simultaneously, the healing phase can be so intense that it becomes very difficult to impossible to survive. There may also be so many subsequent conflicts t(see the Introduction above), that survival becomes difficult.

In addition, the fears are deeply tucked away in the subconscious. That is, we really don't realize that we are afraid. We think we understand it and surrender completely to the process. But in doing so, we fool ourselves. Our body knows this and reacts to it unerringly, for example with the syndrome or other signals.

To be able to truly "live" the biological laws with surrender and in complete confidence, awareness is indispensable.
We will have to "live through" the "fear of death" to be able to LIVE in complete in confidence.

Just as you can trust your body, you can also trust LIFE SELF.  This "bigger picture" is discussed in detail on my site "Living in Confidence".


The information processed on this site is mainly based on Dr. Hamer's scientific table and the book "Die Seelischen Ursachen der Krankheiten" by Björn Eybl. This book fills in a lot of details and is very useful as a reference book. It is available in English.